Annual Meeting

Partners for Early Learning invites all stakeholders* to the annual meeting, November 7, 2017 at 6:30 pm at the Richland School District Teaching & Learning building, 415 Wright Ave., Richland WA.

* Who is a stakeholder? Anyone with an interest in our programs:

  • Early care and early learning providers that enjoy enriching professional development are stakeholders
  • Parents & children working together to be prepared for school are stakeholders
  • Schools & districts dedicated to quality early learning & early care are stakeholders
  • Teachers are stakeholders
  • Communities and businesses who benefit from an educated workforce are stakeholders
  • Community organizations working for our community are stakeholders (CIS, churches, non-profits, United Way charities, doctors, emergency response personnel, etc.)
  • Children & anyone who advocates on behalf of children are stakeholders

Please join us November 7.

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