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Here in Richland Schools, we know that learning begins long before our children ever enter Kindergarten. In fact, research tells us that the greatest brain growth occurs in the earliest years of life. Who knew?

Let us help you find information about your child, from birth to Kindergarten. Topics such as:

And much more. Please explore our pages as your time allows. There is much to see!

Thanks to our Partners

Partners for Early Learning extends our gratitude to these businesses and community partners who have contributed to our projects.

Partners for Early Learning - Investing in Every Child

Community Partners:

Rick & Deb Donahoe Erich Bolz Nicole Blake
Elaine Ruhlman Jill Brog Phyllis Fergusson
Cheri Markel   Students of HHS Knitting Club

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  • A New Resource for Parents

    Building a strong foundation for school begins long before your child enters the school building.  As your child’s first and most influential teacher, the daily living experiences you share are the basis for learning.  No high-tech toys or expensive learning materials can foster your child’s learning in the same way that you can by reading, talking and playing every day.

    Learning social skills like friendship and teamwork are part of the softer side of school.

    Schools use words like “rigorous curriculum” and “strict standards” to describe the program your child receives in his or her school day.  The teachers are held to “high standards of accountability” and each piece of the curriculum is taught with “fidelity”.  So, why are children still struggling?


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