As school begins

pre-k2014-1Eat. Think. Play. Rest. These are the things your child needs to do every day. Start her day with a healthy breakfast of fruit, whole-grains and milk. Your child needs to be fueled for a day of thinking. Preschool, kindergarten, child care or other structured setting will provide lots of opportunities to process new information and stretch your child’s thinking. This is hard work for a little person! 

When she comes home from the end of her day, provide time for active play. Ideally, 30-60 minutes of unstructured time outdoors; running, jumping, climbing, or digging.  This will allow her body to relax and unwind from the stress of school or child care. 

As the family comes together for the evening, eat a healthy dinner seated at the table. Keep the TV off and set aside the phone so that you can have real conversation.

As bedtime approaches, help your child unwind with a favorite story before she has 10 good hours of sleep. Tomorrow morning your child will awaken refreshed and ready to begin the new day.

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