Genius is messy

puddle_boots_childHave you ever created something you were very proud of? Perhaps you restored a 1968 Mustang, made an elaborate quilt, or built a backyard oasis?  It was messy. It took a long time. And it was joyous!!!

Creating takes time. Little people need time and materials to make their own creations. Mud and water, paint and paper, or junk mail and glue all are sources of creativity. When adults create, they have an end in mind.  Young children create simply for the joy of the experience.They get to decide what the creation is, and when it is finished. “Finished” doesn’t always resemble anything to adults, but the child knows when she is done.

Young children are active learners and these creations don’t happen in front of a screen. They happen when the children and their materials come together in an unhurried time and space. Complex decision making and internal stress are evident as they build and manipulate their creations until they are “just right.” This is the best kind of learning.

By the way, if you are watching. Please don’t interrupt with your questions. Just be ready with a smile and a hug once you hear the “TA-DA!”

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