Summer brain drain

DSC_0077The title gives it all away. Your child is out of school for the summer and he has “nothing to do”. Although the pace may slow down, you can keep your child learning. Math is one of those activities can be easily included as you go about your day. Here are some great ideas about keeping the math brain active.

What about simple science activities to curb that imagination?  Look across the grade levels on the PBS website for ideas that might interest you and your child.

Did you know that movement and brain growth are tied together? Get your child playing at the park or out in the yard. Kick a ball, throw a Frisbee, play tag, or run a race. Running through the sprinkler is a time honored favorite. Let’s not forget hopscotch or jumping rope. If you find yourself with a group of kids with “nothin’ to do” check out this link.

Don’t forget the summer reading programs in your local library.  Challenge your child to see who can read the most books this summer, or participate in the library’s many programs. Modeling is a powerful way of teaching. When was the last time YOU sat down with your favorite novel?

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