Strong Foundations for School

A New Resource for Parents

Building a strong foundation for school begins long before your child enters the school building.  As your child’s first and most influential teacher, the daily living experiences you share are the basis for learning.  No high-tech toys or expensive learning materials can foster your child’s learning in the same way that you can by reading, talking and playing every day. But which books do we read? Which games should we play?

To help you along the way, we have put together a series of resource pages based on the Washington State Early Learning and Development Guidelines. Each page addresses a different topic and offers activities, books, and web links that support that particular subject.  They are written for parents of young children, ages 16 months to Grade 1, with materials easily found at home or popular books found in public libraries.

Click the links below to my favorite pages about early literacy and building reading skills for each age level. Next month I’ll highlight pages on another topic.  If you find them useful, be sure to download, link, and share with friends! Take them to your child’s teacher as well. She will be happy to share them with other parents.

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