2016 Children’s Reading Foundation annual conference

CRF-2016annualconfAlliance Members,

There are still free spots available for this wonderful opportunity on July 22nd. If you have staff or you would like to attend for free, please email me your full name, organization, phone number, email, and address and I can register you under our Regional Coalition. It is totally fine to send multiple staff members.

Please send on to providers/partners who may be interested. They are also looking in to offering STARS credit.

  • Keynote by Dr. Dana Suskind, founder and director of the Thirty Million Words Initiative
    Dr. Dana Suskind explains why just simply talking to a child can help the child’s future success in life. Suskind reveals the recent science behind this truth and outlines precisely how to best put it into practice.

I hope those who are interested will take advantage of this opportunity.

Thank you,

Lauren Schoenwald
Early Learning Specialist
Office: 509.544.5781 | FX: 509.543.3328


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